Tapered Screw Ring Gauge

Tapered screw ring gauges are manufactured to national or international standards, or to customer specified dimensions. A complete gauging system for tapered threads may require the use of plain plug and plain ring gauges to gauge major and minor diameters. These plain gauges can also be supplied to form a complete gauging package for tapered screw threads. S.G.Prittie maintains an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Tapered Screw Gauges

  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Gauges
  • Drill Pipe Gauges
  • Pin Insulator Gauges

Applicable Standards

  • International I.S.O.
  • Australia A.S.
  • British B.S.
  • American A.N.S.I.
  • German D.I.N.
  • Japanese J.I.S.


Many of the listed tapered screw thread gauges, along with the matching plain gauges are held in stock ready for immediate delivery.

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