Setting and Plain Ring Gauges   Ø2 - 250 mm


Setting ring gauges can be supplied as mean size, upper limit,  lower limit or as required.

Go and  Nogo ring gauges are ground to suit your component tolerance.

NATA calibration reports are available if required.

All rings are manufactured from through hardened tool steel with a subsequent cryogenic treatment and re-temper making your ring gauges dimensionally stable and resistant to wear.

Go and Nogo Plain ring gauges are generally manufactured to order as individual rings but special ring gauges can be manufactured with both Go and NoGo diameters on a single ring if requested. Gauges can be manufactured to your specific tolerances or any National or International standard.

Common Standards

  • AS 1997
  • ISO 1938
  • AS 1001 (setting Rings)



Standard plain ring gauges below 65 mm [2.5"] are manufactured from hardened steel blanks kept in stock and can be delivered within 4 weeks. 

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