Roller Calliper Gauge

Screw thread roller calliper gauges are used to gauge external screw threads and can be manufactured to gauge all standard thread forms. Special thread forms, multi start threads and worm shafts can also be gauged with a screw thread roller calliper gauge. Setting plugs for calliper gauges are also available. Gauge specifications are derived from national or international standards or from customer specified dimensions. S.G. Prittie maintains an ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Range Manufactured

1.6mm (0.06") to 300mm (12") All thread forms including specials.

Advantages of Calliper Type Gauges

  • Fast results
  • Able to gauge long threads quickly
  • Calliper gauges can be reset
  • Long life, subject to low wear.

Limitations of Calliper Type Gauges

  • Gauge is presented in only one axial plane at a time
  • Not recommended for thin wall products
  • Not recommended for pitch diameter tolerances of less than 0.050mm.

Calibration and Resetting Service

All existing S.G. Prittie screw thread roller calliper gauges can be reset and/or calibrated in our NATA accredited laboratory.

Applicable Standards

  • International I.S.O.
  • Australia A.S.
  • British B.S.
  • American A.N.S.I.
  • German D.I.N.
  • Japanese J.I.S.


A stock of finished components ready for assembly enables roller callipers be assembled to customer requirements and delivered in one week.

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