Taper Plain Ring Gauge


Range 1.0 - 250 mm [ 0.040 - 9.850 inches ]


Taper plain ring gauges from working gauges to reference masters can be made to your individual specifications or any of the standards listed below. Manufactured from through hardened tool steel with a subsequent cryogenic treatment and re-temper ensuring dimensional stability and resistance to wear. Ground to a fine surface finish on high precision CNC cylindrical grinders and measured in the NATA accredited metrology laboratory using a state of the art highly accurate Zeiss prismo CMM. your gauges will be of the highest quality manufactured in an efficient manner which you'll see reflected in very competitive pricing and swift turn around times.

Common Standards

  • BS 21 (pipe threads)
  • ISO 7 (pipe threads)
  • AS 2473 (medical gas Valves and cylinders)
  • BS 1319 / EN 850 (medical gas cylinders)
  • ISO 407 (medical gas cylinders)
  • US Federal Standard H28 (NGT)
  • ISO 5356 (medical conical connectors)
  • ISO 594 (6% Luer medical fitting )
  • Large range of gauges are commonly manufactured for the drill rod industry.


NATA calibration certificates can be supplied for all of the above.

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