Calliper Check Plate

· N.A.T.A.  Certified -  ISO 17025.

· Enables in house calibration

· Easy to use                                                                                            

· Cost effective

· Fast and efficient

· Calibrated within 0.004mm

· Through hardened tool steel

· Precision ground

· Comes with worksheets

· Supplied in a protective box

· Range up to 300 mm with optional extender block

Our Calliper Check Plate was developed to meet the needs of customers wanting to take control of their instrument calibration. The Calliper Check Plate provides you with an easy and convenient method of checking your Digital, Dial and Vernier callipers in house.

The plate has eight lengths nominally 12.4, 21.10, 30.70, 39.00, 65.90, 124.20, and 150.00 and two holes of 8.00 and 16.00. Each size is calibrated within 0.004mm and a certificate endorsed by the National Association of Testing Authorities is provided. A 150mm extender plate is available to extend the capability to 300mm.

N.A.T.A  certification enables traceability of your calliper measurements to Australian and International standards.

The N.A.T.A. certified 0-150mm Calliper Check Plate and Extender Plate are manufactured from through hardened tool steel with a fine ground and honed finish and electroless Nickel coated for corrosion protection. It’s also supplied with preloaded work sheets to further improve your efficiency.

The Calliper Check Plate is supplied in a Pelican Micro Case with space for the extender plate and is available from stock at AU$995.00 + freight + GST


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