Micrometer Check Set

The set consists of eight cylinders 3.1, 6.5, 9.7, 12.5, 15.8, 19.0, 21.9, 25.0mm diameter manufactured to ±0.001mm tolerance on diameter.
The sizes, taken from AS 2102-1978, are carefully selected to check a range of sizes at different positions around the micrometer barrel.

The diameters in the set enable tests for both systematic and progressive errors. For example if the micrometer anvils were not square to the axis of the spindle correct readings could be indicated at zero, 6.5, 12.5, 19.0 and 25.0mm with significant errors indicated at 3.1, 9.7, 15.8 and 21.9mm.

Each micrometer check set is calibrated and supplied with an ISO 17025 - N.A.T.A.  calibration certificate.

NATA accreditation enables traceability of your micrometer measurements to Australian and International Standards.

Our NATA Certified 0-25mm Micrometer Check Set is supplied in a Pelican Micro Case and is available from stock.

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