OEM Medical Products

Below are a few examples of OEM products currently manufactured.

Blood Spot Dies

We currently manufacture a range of blood spot dies. The dies are extremly precise with alignment and postional tolerances of 0.005mm. Materials such as Bohler Stavax can be used to aid corrosion resistance and provide a hardness of 52 -56 Hrc.

Precision Pins and Bushes

If you require extremly precise mating parts such as bearing tubes and shafts we can supply large batch sizes with tolerances less than 0.004mm. Diameters up to 20mm can be accomodated in our CNC equipment.

Micrometer Anvils

Micrometer anvils manufactured with a flatness within 0.001mm. 

Lead Screws

Lead screws for precision instruments can be manufactured to suit your requirement. We can grind most thread forms including multi start threads and thread pitches down to 0.25mm. 

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