Cylindrical Grinding

Grinding of Precision Components in Quantities from 1 to 1000's.


  • Plain diameters, tolerances down to 0.001mm
  • Tapered diameters
  • Diameters with shoulders, length tolerance down to 0.005mm
  • Radius grinding, concave and/or convex
  • Profile grinding along axis
  • Plunge grinding of profiles

Uniformity of product is assured with highly accurate CNC positioning.


  • Ø300 x 1000 mm long.

Forming Rolls

  • CNC grinding of form rollers
  • Complex forms
  • Grinding of high chrome tool steels
  • Grinding of supplied blanks
  • Manufacture and grind
  • Re-grind of worn rollers
  • Comprehensive measuring capability

Shigiya CNC Features

  • 1,000,000 pulse resolution encoders ensure highly accurate positioning
  • Precision workhead produces roundness departures of less than 0.0003 mm
  • The Shigiya CNC cylindrical grinding machine is extremely flexible and is able to grind both low and high volume components accurately and economically.


CNC programming can be accomplished by using either of the following methods:

  • Shigiya conversational
  • G-code


Complementing the CNC grinding capability S.G. Prittie has an extensive range of precision measuring equipment including:

  • Zeiss Prismo high accuracy CMM
  • IAC master scanners
  • Contour Tracing Equipment
  • Taylor Hobson Talyrond Roundness Tester
  • Optical projection equipment

Diameters can be calibrated to 0.0005mm and angles to 0° 1'.


Quality and traceability to national and international standards is assured through a comprehensive quality system, which is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17025.


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